Physician’s Profile

Syed T. Raza, MD

Medical Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery Step-down Unit, 5 GN
Contact Phone: 
(212) 305-9600
Board Certificates: 
Cardiac Surgery
Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Minimally Invasive Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery
Thoracic/Cardiothoracic Surgery
"Best Clinical Paper" Award, Western New York Chapter of The American College of Surgeons, Spring Meeting: May 8, 1975
"Excellence in Precepting Award", D'Youville College Physician Assistant Program, August 12, 1999
PUBLICATIONS: 1) Cerra FB, Raza ST, Andres GA, Siegel JH. Structural injury produced by pulsatile perfusion versus cold storage renal preservation. Surgical Forum 26:313, 1975. 2) Upson JF and Raza ST. Fibromuscular dysplasia of internal carotid arteries: Graduated internal dilatation using arterial Fogarty catheter. New York State Journal of Medicine 76(6):972, 1976. 3) Raza ST, Vidne B, Farrell EJ, Lajos TZ, Siegel JH. Early and long-term effects of direct myocardial revascularization: A prospective study using multivariable physiologic analysis. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 23(2):99, 1977. 4) Cerra FB, Raza ST, Andres GA, Siegel JH. The endothelial damage of pulsatile renal preservation: Its relationship to perfusion pressure and colloid osmotic pressure. Surgery 81(5):534, 1977. 5) Siegel JH, Raza ST, Vidne B, Lajos TZ, Lee AB, Schimert G, Farrell EJ. The use of multivariable data analysis in the delineation of normal and abnormal