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The Media Learning Center features educational videos, animations of procedures, and other resources created by Department of Surgery experts. Initially developed for patients, these resources contain highly specific, up-to-date information that is also valuable for clinicians who wish to learn from top experts about the latest treatment options.

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Weight Loss
Dr. Bessler discusses gastric bypass surgery, which is still considered the "gold standard" of bariatric surgery.
Weight Loss
Dr. Bessler discusses how patients can best prepare for weight loss surgery.
Weight Loss
Minimal Access
Dr. Marc Bessler discusses sleeve gastrectomy, which offers fewer side effects than gastric bypass surgery.
Weight Loss
Dr. Bessler discusses a weight loss procedure known as adjustable gastric banding.
Weight Loss
Dr. Marc Bessler gives a quick overview of bariatric surgery and the different surgical options available to patients.
Ken Olive discusses his work in translational research and his goal of finding effective treatment options for pancreatic cancer.
Dr. Isaac George discusses a procedure known as hybrid aortic arch surgery.
Dr. John Chabot introduces patients to Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 2013.
Dr. Kevin Parrack and Dr. Salila Kurra answer common questions about thyroid biopsies, which are procedures used to diagnose cancers of the thyroid gland.
Hepatitis C is the most common form of viral hepatitis in the United States.