Sedation During Hernia Surgery

At the Columbia Hernia Center, virtually all inguinal hernia repairs are conducted using an anesthesia technique called “conscious sedation,” in which local anesthetic is injected into the area while intravenous anesthetic is used to create a sedated, relaxed state.

Ventral and incisional hernias are unique in their surgical management and may require general anesthesia. The Hernia Center specializes in these more complex hernias and in recurrent hernias, in addition to the attention we devote to more routine hernias.

Post Surgical Experience

Depending on the size and type of hernia, patients may expect to resume near-normal activity within a week of hernia surgery. Patients undergoing surgery for inguinal hernias and small ventral hernias are able to go home the same day, while patients undergoing surgery for larger incisional hernias sometimes stay one night in the hospital.