Our Approach and Expertise

The Columbia Hernia Center brings together a group of surgeons adept in using the newest techniques and materials in hernia repair. Our surgeons are experienced in treating primary and recurrent hernias using both open and laparoscopic methods.

Abdominal wall hernia repair has made major advances in recent years, leading to smoother recovery, minimizing recurrence, eliminating post-repair incision-point tension, and making treatment possible for hernias previously considered not repairable.

New bioprosthetic materials strengthen the abdominal wall without need for the surgeon to cut into adjacent muscles. These "tension-free" procedures come with less pain and involve minimal recurrence. Advances in laparoscopic surgery mean a more rapid return to normal activity, with reduced discomfort and hospital stay for the patient.

Abdominal hernias can be painful, may compromise lifestyle, and in some cases can be dangerous if left untreated. Our center is available to patients for consultation, surgical treatment, follow-up or just for questions. 

One of our surgeons is always on call for emergency situations.

If you would like to set up a consultation, please call us at 212.326.5547. We look forward to answering your questions and meeting your hernia care needs.